Is it true Bruce Lee broke his back in a fight?

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Is it true Bruce Lee broke his back in a fight?

Postby Nate » Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:25 pm

Did the other Chinese Masters who were mad at Bruce for teaching non-Chinese Kung Fu send a guy to fight him and that guy broke his back?

If he really broke his back, how could he continue to fight and make movies?

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Re: Is it true Bruce Lee broke his back in a fight?

Postby Admin » Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:50 pm

No he actually injured himself while working out.

Here is what is supposed to have happened...

On Aug 13, 1970 Lee was performing Good Mornings with 60kg / 135lb - his body weight at the time - and was completing his first set of 8 (he usually did 2 sets) without sufficiently warming up when he heard a loud popping sound, and dropped the weighted bar. For several days he tried heat treatments and massage, until the steadily increasing pain forced him to seek medical advice.

He had severely damaged a 4th sacral nerve, and it was unlikely that he would ever be able to kick again; in fact walking unaided was in doubt. He was forced to rest, and for the next six months he spent most of his time either lying or sitting up reading from his extensive library. During this time he also designed a bed which would afford him greater comfort in his injured state.

Eventually he resumed teaching and training, not because he was fully healed, but simply as he felt he had given himself enough time and was unable to refrain from his active life any longer. He would suffer chronic back pain for the remainder of his life, and began taking marijuana as this helped numb the pain. In his films from this point on he used a stunt double for somersaults (seen in both Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon).

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